Culinary enjoyment at City Group Stay

City Group Stay offers you an experience truly worthy of a restaurant. From breakfast, lunch and dinner to luxury appetiser boards, drink tastings and barbecued meat. All given in a traditionally Dutch manner!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the accommodation

The breakfast basket (€12.50 PP) contains freshly baked bread rolls, boiled eggs, savoury and sweet toppings, fresh fruit and yoghurt with muesli. Of course there is also orange juice, coffee and tea.

And lunch is also provided! From standard (€15 PP) to healthy (€19.50 PP) and vegan (€22.50 PP). For dinner, you have the option of a traditional Dutch three-course menu (€27.50 PP) or the pancake party (€22.50 PP).


In collaboration with the local butcher’s shop ‘Agterberg’, City Group Stay can provide meat for on the barbecue. How about some steak tips, salmon skewers and a tomahawk steak? We’ll also provide the baguettes, sauces, salads and fresh fruit. Who will be your grill master?

Dutch tasting

Citroenbrandewijn (lemon brandy), Nobeltje and Oranjebitter (types of bitters), and jenever are four typical Dutch alcoholic drinks. Nobeltje was created in the early twentieth century, behind the bar of the café of the Nobel family on Ameland. And the Oranjebitter is drunk on national holidays, such as King’s Day and Liberation Day. Curious about all four drinks? Try them at City Group Stay in combination with a serving board!

Would you like for us to do the groceries?

If you opt for a grocery package, everything will be ready and waiting for you in the kitchen upon arrival. The standard package (€25) consists of coffee, tea, coffee creamer, sugar, soft drinks, lemonade, beer (canned), candy, biscuits and crisps. With the luxury shopping package (€37.50) you will arrive to the sweet smell of apple pie. If that’s not a warm welcome…



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