Culinary evenings in the outdoor kitchen

Imagine this… Staying at City Group Stay means you can enjoy cooking outdoors with your family, friends or colleagues. With our outdoor kitchen with pizza oven, grill and barbecue you are guaranteed a wonderful evening with lots of fun! Want some beer? Or a nice glass of wine?

Together with our local traditional butcher’s shop Agtenberg, City Group Stay provides the most delicious and purest grill and barbecue meat. With an extensive range, there is enough choice for everyone. Place your order at least one day ahead with Arjan in WhatsApp (+31 6 47 95 35 82).

Carefree enjoyment

Does one want to be the grillmeister? Or do you prefer a fully catered evening with private chef? The chef will put together a delicious menu with surprising flavor combinations. This way you will make your stay even more special!

Pizza oven

Would you rather bake pizzas like a real Italian? Then you’re in the right place at City Group Stay! Our wood-fired pizza oven in the outdoor kitchen heats up to 450 °C within 15 minutes. Put your pizza’s in the oven for two minutes and… enjoy! So you can try all kinds of different ingredients in a short time.



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