Everything you need for a successful karaoke evening

Whether you can sing well or not, a karaoke night is always fun. With the Sonos music system, wireless microphones and Smart TVs, this accommodation has everything you need for a successful karaoke evening. Summer Nights by Greece, I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys or Wannabe Spice Girls. Which song are you going to sing?

Karaoke with Spotify

Did you know that Spotify now has an added karaoke feature? It’s very simple:

  1. Play your favourite karaoke song on Spotify
  2. Under ‘devices’, select the accommodation’s Sonos installation
  3. Scroll up for the lyrics

While the music is playing, the text rolls along automatically. The line to be sung changes colour. Ideal!

A karaoke set with wireless microphones

There is a karaoke set with two wireless microphones in the accommodation. This is connected to the Sonos speakers and Smart TV. Slide the switch of the microphone(s) to the ON position. The microphones are automatically connected to the receiver. You pay a €25.00 deposit to use the karaoke set.



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