Terms of Use

Jacuzzi & Sauna Rules

There is no surveillance or supervision of the Jacuzzi and sauna. You are responsible for the use of both facilities. The management of City Group Stay cannot be held liable. Children up to 12 years and people who cannot swim are not permitted to use the Jacuzzi without the supervision of an adult.

  1. It is not permitted to enter the sauna or Jacuzzi with footwear.
  2. It is not permitted to use shower gel or shampoo in the Jacuzzi.
  3. It is not permitted to dive, jump, or play with a ball in the Jacuzzi.
  4. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the sauna or Jacuzzi.
  5. It is not permitted to have sharp objects or glass in the sauna or Jacuzzi.
  6. You must take a shower before using the sauna or Jacuzzi.
  7. You must use a towel when using the chaise longues or sauna.

After using the Jacuzzi, please replace the cover. You do not need to switch off the Jacuzzi. In this way, the Jacuzzi will remain heated at around 40 °C. If you want to dry the veranda, please use the squeegee. Please push the water towards the rain drain.



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