Private Amsterdam Tour with local Paul Bierman

Do you know the miracle of Amsterdam? And have you ever wondered why the houses in Amsterdam are so narrow? You will get answers to these and many more questions on our tours through Amsterdam. Discover Amsterdam during a walk, bike ride or even on a boat along the canals. 

City Group Stay offers private tours through the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, led by Amsterdam resident and entertainer Paul Bierman. The city is a museum in itself with all its canals and canal houses.

Which tour do you choose?

  1. Classic Tour
    The Classic Tour starts on Dam Square and proceeds through well-known and unknown streets of Amsterdam. Paul tells you all about Amsterdam’s history. Coffee shops, bars and the Red Light District.With great enthusiasm and humour, Paul is happy to tell you more about it.
  2. Food Tour
    Want to know more about typical Dutch delicacies such as cheese, herring and syrup waffles? Then this Food Tour is perfect for you! During the tour, you will pass several restaurants where you will learn all about their origins.
  3. Coffee Shop Tour
    Paul likes to talk about the drug scene. This tour takes you to several bars and coffee shops in Amsterdam. Are you curious which coffee shop Justin Bieber and Snoopdog visited? Then this is the tour for you!
  4. Red Light District
    Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed to lead a guided tour in this place. Nevertheless, this tour does not lack any juicy stories. As a visitor, you can visit the Red Light District in between all the history lessons.
  5. Running Tour
    Is walking too slow for you? Then shift up a gear with Paul. Paul is a fanatic runner and tells you all the ins and outs of the city along the way.
  6. Bike Tour
    If you have always wanted to cycle through the busy city of Amsterdam, this tour with Paul is a great opportunity. Here, you will find out that it is quite a task to make your way through this gigantic but beautiful city: cycling, a typical Dutch activity in all kinds of weather.
  7. Boat Tour
    Not in the mood to walk or cycle? Then a boat tour is your answer! Navigate through the Amsterdam canals with your friends or family, while Paul broadens your knowledge with his wonderful stories about the city.

Book your tour through Amsterdam

Can’t choose? A mix of various tours is also possible, of course. If you let us know what your wishes are, we will arrange a tailor-made tour! Book your tour with Paul via his website or call +31 6 22910024. We promise that you will enjoy a lot of laughter! Our taxi service is ready for a fast, reliable and cheap ride to Amsterdam!

Language: Dutch or English
Distance: 3 kilometres
Duration: ± 1 hour



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