The best festivals in Amsterdam

We had to wait a while, but the festival season has started again. Close to the accommodation of City Group Stay you will find the biggest festivals in Amsterdam. Put on your festival outfit and practice your best dance moves, because this one is not to be missed!

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In this blog, you can read about our favourite festivals in Amsterdam. You can find all festivals in the area on the DJ Guide website. Our taxi service is ready for a fast, reliable and cheap ride to the festival site!

Awakenings Easter Sunday

For true techno fans, you can fully enjoy the hottest DJs and the coolest shows. After announcing the latest Awakenings Summer Festival, which took place July 29 to 31, you can already enjoy this awesome festival on April 17 and 18!

Kingsland Festival

Do you really want to taste the Dutch atmosphere? Book your stay during King’s Day! The whole of the Netherlands is dressed in orange and everywhere people are jumping and dancing. And even better: there are a lot of fun festivals to visit. Our recommendation? Kingsland Festival in Rai Amsterdam. With Martin Garrix on the main stage, this can only be one hell of a party.

Amsterdam Open Air

A festival in the middle of the Gaasperpark. It is a reflection of Amsterdam’s nightlife and youth culture. With the biggest Dutch artists and a good mix between different music genres, this is the festival to go to.


A festival that should be at the top of everyone’s list. Mysteryland is known for its biggest stages, the hottest artists and just a really cool look. Here, too, there is something for everyone with the large mix of music genres. Do you want to end your summer on a good note? Then this is the place where memories are made.

Tickets via TicketSwap

Tickets are sold out for most festivals. Fortunately, tickets are still offered on TicketSwap. That is a platform to safely buy and sell your tickets. Both the seller and the tickets are verified by TicketSwap.



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