The most beautiful beaches and seaside restaurants near Amsterdam

It is wonderful to visit the beaches near Amsterdam in the spring and summer. During these periods, the best seaside restaurants are open for a delicious snack, to cool off from the sun or to take cover from the rain. In the Netherlands, you never know…

City Group Stay has listed the five best seaside restaurants for you. Discover your favourite! The beaches are difficult to reach by public transport. So make use of our taxi service. They are available 24/7 and collect and return you at the front door. You will get there cheaper, faster and safer!

  1. A day trip to Bloemendaal aan Zee
    Interested in a day trip? With your feet in the sand and a breath of fresh air by the sea? When you stay with us, you can take a taxi to Bloemendaal aan Zee. Plop down on Bloomingdale or Woodstock’s terrace and enjoy the tastiest cocktails and experience the Ibiza vibes!
  2. Get a breath of fresh air in Zandvoort aan Zee
    Another beach close to us is Zandvoort aan Zee. With our taxi service, you can be there within twenty minutes. This way, you can soon enjoy your fun day out! Would you like a snack and a drink in the afternoon? Then you can go to Hippie Fisch for delicious snacks!
  3. Visit the largest green city beach 
    Are you a real city person? Then you can also visit one of the coolest city beaches in Amsterdam. Pllek Amsterdam is the largest green restaurant in Amsterdam. The dishes on the menu are sustainable: organic and local vegetables and only game meat.
  4. Relax at Strandzuid
    Do you mainly want to relax and already imagine yourself stretched out on a sun lounger? Then go to beach pavilion Strandzuid. You can enjoy a lovely swim or watch the sunset. Feel like a tasty snack or a bite to eat? We recommend the cheeseburger. ‘A burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.’ A big advantage of this beach is that you are close to the bustling city. Isn’t it great?
  5. Taste the foreign atmosphere on Paaseiland
    Get to know comfort food from the Pacific cuisine. All kinds of dishes from, for example, Hawaii and Japan. For example, banana bread, ‘ Beefless Bulgogi ‘ or a ‘ Chicken Katsu Burger’. What would you like to try? In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful view of the IJ. From this location, there is plenty to see throughout the day…



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